Large animal vet

At the practice of W T Pritchard, we provide a mix of services for our clients, including large animal vet needs. For example, we will be happy to see and take care of large farm animals, horses, and ponies. As a large animal vet, our team consists of professionals who dedicate their time and energy to ensure your animals remain happy and healthy. They’re supported by trained staff members who are in charge of running the office and treatment areas.
You must understand our mission statement and what we’re trying to achieve so that you feel comfortable working with us. As a large animal vet, we aim to provide a professional, efficient, and caring service to all our clients, at a reasonable cost. The provision of this service is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We share your desire to keep your pets healthy and care genuinely that your pets and animals are comfortable and well taken care of when we’re working with them.
Our farm animal practice and services, in particular, aims to provide efficient service, including emergency treatments, on-farm operations, and routine day to day procedures. We believe in taking preventative health measures when dealing with disease outbreaks so that we can help you prevent reoccurrence of such instances and save your farm money in the long run. We’re not only here to attend to issues that pop up, but we are also available to offer advice on a variety of topics including:
· Cattle fertility
· Mastitis control
· Lameness control
· Infectious disease prevention
· Biosecurity
We have mobile ultrasound scanners to help monitor dairy cow fertility and pregnancies, which is of special interest to us. We want to ensure the welfare and health of your animals and aim to save your farm money as we do so.
Why Choose Us
There are many reasons why choosing us as your large animal vet is a wise decision. We believe our pricing model is fair and affordable and that you’ll appreciate receiving our expert and professional services at a realistic rate. Another reason to consider us as your large animal vet is that we offer Herd or Flock Health Planning, which can satisfy the requirements of Daily and Beef Farm Assurance Schemes.
We pride ourselves on having not only dedicated vets but also friendly and helpful office staff. Our 24-hour service allows you to sleep sound at night, knowing you can call us up if any issues arise with your animals on your farm. We offer reasonably priced pharmaceuticals, an in house laboratory, and regular fertility visits with ultrasound scanning so you can continue to run your farm seamlessly and know that your large animals are in good hands.
We enjoy hearing from new customers and current clients. Therefore, head to our website to drop us a question, comment, or work proposition, and we’ll get back to you soon. You can also reach us via telephone or stop into our office and discuss your needs with our large animal vets and staff.