Horse Vets St Asaph

Horse Vets St Asaph
Horses are large animals, which means it can be hard to take them to the vet. Most of the time, you have to try and find a vet that’s willing to pay you a visit, but they can charge extra for this service. Thankfully, we’re one of the only horse vets in St Asaph with a surgery big enough to accommodate these beautiful animals. Our practice is very accessible, so you can easily bring your horse or pony straight to us.
Pritchard Vets is committed to upholding the highest standards when carrying out any veterinary services. This is no different when dealing with horses. We understand that these animals carry unique health concerns, and we’re well-equipped to handle all of them. If you live in the St Asaph area and are looking for a horse vet, then feel free to call us today. We will discuss your concerns over the phone, then book your lovely horse in for an appointment.
Keep Your Horses In Good Health
Our veterinary surgery wants to make sure that your horses and ponies are kept in the best health possible. As such, we offer regular checkups to see how your horse is progressing and to look for any telltale signs of diseases.
We take preventative measures that keep your horses in excellent condition. We’ll carry out fulls-scale inspections of the animal, checking for any problems that may be hiding from view. This includes examining their teeth, carrying out blood analysis, and looking for any injuries.
If you keep bringing your horses to us, then you’ll help them achieve better health for longer!
24/7 Emergency Service
As one of the most experienced horse vets in St Asaph, we know that these animals are susceptible to contracting problems at a moment’s notice. Things like racing injuries or colic are very common amongst horses, particularly in this region.
So, we’re happy to announce that we run a 24/7 emergency service for problems like these. This is a first-opinion service where we will run a quick assessment of the horse and diagnose the cause of injuries or diseases. Therefore, we can act quicker than other vets, ensuring we start treating your horse before minor problems turn into big ones.
Why Come To Us?
What makes us such a good choice for people looking for horse vets in St Asaph? Simply put, we’re passionate about horses. We love all animals, but we know that horses can be neglected and shunned by many vets because of their size. So, we commit ourselves to care for your lovely horses to the best of our abilities.
Also, we can help with all of these services for optimum horse health:
Regular checkups
Worming advice and prevention
Pregnancy tests and delivery
X-rays and ultrasounds
Diagnostic services
Wound & injury management
Blood analysis
Pain management
Specialist services for older horses
Call Us Today
Give us a call, and we can book your horse in for an appointment at the earliest convenience. As a bonus, we can even refer you to an equine transport facility, making it easier for you to get your horse to our practice.