Equestrian Vets

Equestrian Vets
Pritchard Vets is happy to serve a wide range of beautiful animals and pets in our surgeries. As a consequence, we’re one of the most experienced equestrian vets in the local area. If you own horses, ponies - or even donkeys - then you need to have their health looked at. This means taking them to vets that can handle this specific type of animal. We are more than capable of looking after any equine animal, so you can feel comfortable that your horses or ponies are in very safe hands.
Equestrian vets are different from regular vets in that they have all the equipment and resources needed to treat large animals. If you own equine pets, then please get in touch with us today.
We Treat All Members Of The Horse Family
Horses are popular animals to own, either as pets or for racing purposes. As such, if there’s a health concern with your horse, then you need to take it to the right place. We will happily treat any breed of horse around, and our facilities are well-equipped to offer a variety of services.
In addition, we’re more than capable of treating ponies and other small horses. If they’re a member of the horse family, then they’re welcome at our veterinary surgery. This also includes donkeys! While we rarely see many donkeys in our clinic, we have the capabilities to carry out checkups, run diagnostics, and provide general healthcare.
A Wide Range Of Services Available
As experienced equestrian vets, we offer a variety of services for horses, ponies, or donkeys.
Here’s what we can do for your animal:
Full-scale teeth examinations and rasping
Vaccinations for a range of different diseases - all of which are in-line with Jockey Club Rules
Pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound
Laser therapy for injuries, wounds, and pain management
Worming services and products
Lameness investigations
Injections and blood tests carried out in-house
Wound management services for a variety of common equine wounds
Castration services
Health services for older horses
Why Come To Us?
Good equestrian vets can be hard to find. More often than not, they aren’t equipped to let you bring your equine animals directly to the surgery. As such, they mainly operate around home callouts. This can be impractical and expensive!
With us, we make it easy to bring your horses to the surgery. It’s easily accessible, you can literally drive right up to the door and unload your horse. What’s more, we have contacts with equine transport facilities that we can refer you to if you don’t have the means to move your horse.
As if that wasn’t enough, we also offer:
Close proximity to Liverpool Equine Hospital for referrals
A professional and friendly service
Experienced equestrian vets and nurses
A wide range of services to treat lots of issues
Call Us Today
If you’re looking for reliable equestrian vets, then please give us a call today. We can book your equine animal in for an appointment as soon as possible, then we can carry out a range of treatments. We also offer a 24/7 emergency service for injuries and colic, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.