Pet Laser Therapy Denbighshire

Pet Laser Therapy Denbighshire
Are your pets suffering from chronic pain? If so, then you’ve probably tried everything to cure them. Unfortunately, after many visits to the vet - and many treatments - your pet is still suffering. Nothing seems to work, but we can offer a solution.
We’re pleased to offer pet laser therapy in Denbighshire for cats, dogs, and horses. This is a revolutionary treatment that’s designed to provide pain relief for animals of all sizes. If your animals haven’t found any relief from other methods, then this could work for them. Call us today, and we can explain the process in more detail and book your pet in for a consultation.
What is pet laser therapy?
Laser therapy involves the use of high powered lasers that are directed at the affected area of your pet. The lasers will go deep into the muscles and tissues of your pet, which can help provide relief fro a lot of painful conditions. It’s a non-invasive method, which means your pet won’t need any surgery.
Typically, we recommend six short sessions of laser therapy for your pet. These sessions are spaced apart, and your pet will see the benefits very quickly.
What are the benefits of pet laser therapy?
This treatment method is proven to help with many conditions that pets face as they get older. It can also help treat pain that’s brought on as the result of an injury. The underlying benefit is that it removes pain from your animal. They will no longer feel hurt all day every day, and they can get back to their best. You’re reigniting their life!
What conditions can be treated?
A whole host of conditions can be treated through this method. At our surgery, we’ve carried out pet laser therapy in Denbighshire for the following conditions:
Hip displasia
Chronic skin lesions
Lick granulomas
Infected wounds
Sore ears
Damaged muscles
Strained tendons
Of course, it is also used to treat all types of chronic pain that an animal might experience. Put it this way, if your pet is in pain, then laser therapy can help.
Why Come To Us?
If you need pet laser therapy in Denbighshire, then you should pay us a visit. Unlike a lot of vets, we operate a mixed surgery. This means that we treat animals of all sizes. We’ve performed this specific therapy on dogs, cats, horses - and so many other animals.
We’re highly experienced, and our surgery is full of the best equipment and technology. In turn, this guarantees that your pet has the most comfortable experience possible. Ultimately, that’s what matters most to us. We want your pets to be pain-free, so we do everything in our power to make them feel safe and settled.
Contact Us Today
To learn more about this service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll happily answer any questions to help you see if this treatment is right for your pet. Or, if you’re ready to book pet laser therapy in Denbighshire right now, then give us a call, and we’ll find an open slot at your convenience.