animal laser therapy denbighshire

Animal Laser Therapy Denbighshire
Pritchard Vets is happy to announce that we offer animal laser therapy in Denbighshire. This is an advanced treatment that can bring many benefits to a range of different animals. It’s a method that calls upon laser technology to target problem areas within the animal’s body. As a result, this can bring long-lasting pain relief while treating a specific condition.
Laser therapy is a popular treatment at our veterinary surgery, but it’s not suitable for every disease or issue. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you call us beforehand to inform us of the problem in question. Tell us the symptoms that your animal suffers from, and we’ll let you know if animal laser therapy is the best course of action. If it is, then we’ll book you in for an appointment and provide your animal with all the help they need.
How Does Animal Laser Therapy Work?
We’ve been carrying out animal laser therapy in Denbighshire for some time. Consequently, we have mastered the techniques involved in this process. It’s a revolutionary method that utilises the power of infra-red radiation. The lasers are directed onto the damaged tissues in the body, and the radiation will supercharge the natural healing process.
Consequently, animal laser therapy can help repair damaged or inflamed tissues, leading to a significant reduction in pain. It’s commonly used to treat chronic pain conditions, most notably arthritis. A full-course of animal laser therapy will usually take place over many days or weeks. We split the treatments up into six different appointments, giving your animal time to recover between each one. Due to the nature of this treatment, the effects can be seen very quickly.
Why Get Animal Laser Therapy in Denbighshire?
Your animals can benefit from this state-of-the-art veterinary treatment. It has been proven to treat chronic pain and reduce inflammation. If you have an animal that’s suffering from any chronic pain conditions - or has recently been injured or had surgery - then they will definitely benefit from this.
Not only that, but laser therapy has the advantage of not being surgical. Your animals don’t need to go under the knife, which makes for a more comfortable experience for them.
The results are also very quick to appear - many animals exhibit positive reactions to the treatment after one or two sessions!
Why Choose Us?
If you’re looking for professional animal laser therapy in Denbighshire, then we are the best place to go to. Our veterinary clinic is run by highly trained and exceptionally experienced vets and nurses. All members of staff have the correct qualifications, and we all care about animals with a passion. We will do anything and everything to ensure that your animal gets all the attention they need and deserve.
Aso, we can provide this treatment for animals in all shapes and sizes. Small pets and larger equine animals are all welcome at our veterinary surgery.
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