Horse and Pony services

Equine matters


We aim to provide a fast and efficient service for all our equine clients.

We are here to ensure that your horses and ponies remain in good health and free from disease. To this end we advocate preventative measures to address all aspects of your horse’s health.

We provide a first opinion service and aim to give a high standard of service and care for your horse or pony.

This is a "24 hours a day, 7 days a week" service for emergencies like injury or colic.

Vaccination programs, in-line with Jockey Club Rules, are recommended and are reasonably priced, as are the worming products we supply. Advice is free.

Teeth examinations and rasping are offered, with or without sedation as required.

What we can do for your horse or pony:

  • Professional and friendly service.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Worming advice to reduce incidence of wormer resistance.
  • Teeth examination & rasping.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound examination.
  • New Laser Therapy for injuries, wounds and pain management.
  • Lameness investigations, nerve blocks, X-rays and tendon scanning.
  • Diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, ultrasound, portable X-ray.
  • Standing castration under sedation and local anaesthetic.
  • In-house blood analysis.
  • Attend injury scenarios.
  • Wound management.
  • Close proximity to Liverpool Equine Hospital for referrals.
  • Equine transport facility for referral.
  • Pain management for the older horse or pony.
  • Easy access so you can bring your horse to the surgery.

Donkeys too!